Chocolate Dipped Cannoli Now Available

For all the chocolate lovers out there your wishes have come true!  We now offer mini cannoli shells that are completely dipped in a rich layer of creamy chocolate, both inside and out,  then filled with our delicious cannoli cream with all the flavors of Sicily and your choice of 6 garnishes: Pistachio, Chocolate Chip, Almonds, Candied Cherry, Candied Orange, or Plain.

Visit our store for more info:

Shop Our New Online Store

Twiins in the Kitchen® is so excited to announce the opening of our online store featuring fresh and delicious homemade, Italian cannoli treats.

  • Cannoli (Large & Mini) Regular or Gluten-Free (6 garnishes to choose from)
  • Cannoli Cupcakes (Jumbo & Mini) – Regular or Gluten-Free (6 garnishes to choose from)
  • Italian Rum Cassata  Cakes  (NY-style) – Regular or Gluten-Free (rum is optional) 4″ and 6″ round or heart shape.

At this time we are servicing the Leland, NC area only.


Valentine’s Chocolate Cassata Cake

Happy Valentine’s Day

We are now delivering to the Leland, North Carolina communities of Brunswick Forest, Magnolia Greens, and Waterford. $3.00 delivery fee.

Our cassata heart cakes come in 4″ and 6″ sizes. For larger cakes, please call for pricing, at 910-444-1916.

  • 4″  $28 chocolate
  • 4″  $28 vanilla
  • 6″  $38 chocolate
  • 6″  $38 vanilla

Cassata cakes require refrigeration. For optimum flavor & texture, remove from refrigerator 20-25 minutes prior to serving.

Please allow 3 days’ notice as each order is made fresh for you.

Cannoli, Cannoli, Cannoli – We love Cannoli in any shape or form!

If you enjoy cannoli as much as we do give ours a try. You won’t be disappointed!  You can place your order by text or phone call to 910-444-1916. Leave a message if we can’t pick up, we’re busy baking!












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Now Accepting Cannoli & Cannoli Cupcake Orders

Twiins in the Kitchen are excited to announce we are now accepting orders for our Cannoli and Cannoli Cupcakes, in the Leland, NC area.

We both missed our local Italian bakery on Long Island. We thought they made the best cannoli and pastries in our area. After repeatedly hearing from friends & family how delicious our cannoli are we decided it was time to offer them to our local community.

Our cannoli cream is naturally gluten-free and comes in 2 sizes, mini and large. We offer our mini cannoli with regular or gluten-free shells. Cupcakes are also available in regular and gluten-free. Large shells are regular only at this time. Just choose your favorite garnish and enjoy. Order early for the holiday season.

Did you know that a single cannoli is actually “cannolo” in Italian while the grammatically plural is cannoli? Here in the US, we usually use cannoli for the singular and cannolis for the plural. However, any way you want to say it they are a delicious dessert for any occasion!












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National Pie Day Celebration

All across America, January 23rd is National Pie Day and Brunswick Forest hosted their very first Pie Baking Contest to celebrate this national event!

Teresa & I are not known for making pies but I thought we should enter this local contest to challenge ourselves. Teresa even wanted to back out the day before the contest…she just wasn’t feeling it. I wanted to replicate a berry cream pie that Briermere Farms in Riverhead, Long Island is famous for. I had so many wonderful memories of their cream pies that I had to give it a try. Teresa, on the other hand, had no clue what she wanted to bake. She loved our father’s banana pudding dessert as a young girl so after I convinced her not to withdraw from the contest she decided she would make a banana cream pie reminiscent of that flavor only kicking it up a notch.

There were a total of 14 entries that were judged by professionals in the food industry. I am thrilled to announce Teresa’s Banana Cream Bourbon-Caramel Pie took first place…I took second place with my Berry Cream Pie (I should have let her back out!) LOL

We tested so many pie crust recipes and got the best consistency using a sour cream pie crust recipe from Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes.  It worked great for blind baking both of our crusts. This recipe gives you the most buttery, flakiest texture that we ever tasted in a homemade crust. It certainly is a winner!

Click on the links below for the crust and winning pie recipes.

Teresa’s Banana Cream Bourbon-Caramel Pie

Barbara’s Berry Cream Pie


                                                                    Sour Cream Pie Crust    Sour Cream Pie Crust    


Did you make this recipe? We would love to hear from you. Please leave us a comment below or Tag @twiinsinthekitchen on Instagram and hashtag it #twiinsinthekitchen.


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