Recommended Reading – “Blood in the Promised Land” by Eliot Sefrin

We love sharing our recipes with you so it’s only natural we want to share a very good book too. Our recommendation for a gripping novel authored by our good friend Eliot Sefrin.

Our book club recently read his 3rd novel, “Blood in the Promised Land”. It’s the story of two men on opposite sides of the globe and opposite socio-economic scales , one the uneducated son of a poor sharecropper in Rosewood, Florida and the other a well educated, wealthy, respected physician living in occupied Nazi Vienna, Austria in 1943. The one thing both men shared was the same injustice of racism and prejudice and their strong desire to improve their situations which ultimately led to their paths crossing.

Our book club enjoyed this book and is looking forward to reading his newest book “Officers Down”.

Both of these well written books can be purchased on Amazon.

Blood In The Promised Land

Officers Down

The Death of Dahlgren Place: A Brooklyn Tale

2 thoughts on “Recommended Reading – “Blood in the Promised Land” by Eliot Sefrin

  1. Eliot is an incredible author. This was a well researched book and the characters were portrayed in a way which allowed the reader to experience the trauma they suffered. I cant wait to read the next book. Thank you Teresa for encouraging Eliot to share his life and writing process with us.


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