We’re All In This Together


We would like to express our sincere wishes that you and your loved ones stay safe & healthy during this unprecedented pandemic with Covid-19. If you’re like us you’re doing everything recommended by the WHO and the CDC to do your part in stopping the spread.

Our Governor, Roy Cooper,  has just issued an Executive Order to “Stay at Home” for 30 days. It might get hard but we will try to post new recipes as ingredients are available. Don’t forget, some of the best meals are not following a recipe at all but taking what’s in the fridge & pantry and throwing something together. 

We’re all in this together so stay connected to loved ones, check on your neighbors & keep exercising. We wish you all good health.

Teresa & Barbara


4 thoughts on “We’re All In This Together

  1. Thank you, Teresa and Barbara! You have taken a very responsible attitude towards cooking! We can save those special recipes for the big party we are all going to have after the virus has left us! Now, let me see what I have in my frig!


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